Team Jatayu all these years



Experience that can never be forgotten


It was under the leadership of Uday Mehra(Team captain) that we started our work.. Departments were allotted and with lot of enthusiasm and dedication we rolled on to start our work. Being the designer,he took the initiative of designing the baja buggy. It took indefinite iterations to finally reach a design.. that we agreed would be a winning design.It was vice captain and sagacious person Yogesh dua who made sure that we crossed all the hurdles that came along our way, with his mature thinking and cautious risk taking temperament, we kept on slowly and steadily moving over road blocks that the daunting journey of baja had to offer.Another senior working as guiding light in our journey was Priyank Sharma. He took lead on the power train department and made sure that all our ppts did sound sophisticated and complicated!The ever confusing and arduous task of suspension design was allotted to dynamic duo of Rishabh Awasthi and Saurabh Pargal. These peopple had a special gift of working tirelessly, day in and day out!


About the effort: Effort of making baja buggy and clearing the TI is always the most difficult task, Baja 2013 was no exception!Working whole night on the vehicle was no longer considered exception or surprising! We used to work whole night then sleep through the lectures subsequent morning. We always dreamed of victory at the event.. but never realized it was the journey that reshaped us. It was like a fiery crucible from which, real engineers were forged!No matter how many failures, breakdowns and failed trials we saw.. we were always up for another bout! as a team! and thats what kept us going!

Baja 2013 also happens to be one of the most tested cars in the history of baja of maitWe tested the car for over 1000km! on and off road!



Experience that can never be forgotten


The team formation started with the aim of taking Team Jatayu to the next level, with the whole new energy 2014 was a challenging year for all the team members, though it was thrilling and fun filled.


Saurabh Pargal was chosen as the Captain, who led the whole team to the winning path, Design and making of the vehicle was under the leadership of Chetan Chawla, Rishabh Awasthi as Powertrain head and Raman Gupta as head of Braking Department. It was the hard work and can-go attitude of the team members that made Team Jatayu cross all the hurdles.


Baja is an experience which can’t be expressed in words. I experienced a whole life span in a compressed format from excitement ,joy ,happiness to sorrow ,working under pressure, meeting the deadlines , fighting till the end(JATAYU signifies the same ). This Motorsport event pushes once limit and teaches how to work in team, how to make critical decisions under pressure, how to do frugal innovation (jugaad) ,how to find out something which are not available in local market not only this it teaches how to balance between academics and co-curricular. A person joins a team as a college student and comes out as a gentleman after giving sales, sponsorship and a cost presentations. This not only brushes and teaches one technical skills but it teaches everything from how to talk to an unskilled labor to a head of institution. It is a must do thing for a person passionate about Motorsport, automobile, team work ,brainstorming ,learning ,growing as individual and experiencing euphoria.--Chetan Didwania




Experience that can never be forgotten


The true spirit of a team competition is realised when all members take initiative and contribute coherently towards the design and development of a car. This was the motto with which the team of Baja 2015 was formed.. Abhishek Ranjan was in charge of the design department wherein he had to constantly coordinate with suspension department led by Debasis Mukherjee , steering department led by Pranay Handa , brakes department led by Ashish Goyal and transmission department led by Ankit Khurana. Through the coordinated efforts of all departments and invaluable contributions by team members we were able to achieve what we had aspired to.


Joining Team Jatayu was one of the best decisions I took in college. Designing and fabricating an All-Terrain Vehicle was an enlightening experience for me. I say enlightening because I had found something I truly cherished, something that inspired me to continuously learn, to continuously improve upon and to give all I had for the success of the team and the car. Friends that I made during this everlasting experience are friends for life. In short, Baja is once in a lifetime experience and I wish I hadn’t graduated so that I could still be working with the team. --Ankit Khurana- Alumni Team Jatayu.


BAJA is not just about making a car it’s about working for your dream and there is no feeling better than driving a car you made yourself. One of the biggest things I have learnt from BAJA is teamwork and patience. Team JATAYU has come a long way and I can proudly say that it is in safe hands and will continue to rise. Few years back we were newbies but the recent success proves that ‘it is not the size of the dog in the fight that matters but the size of the fight in dog ‘.-- Abhishek Ranjan- Alumni Team Jatayu.

2016 (BAJA SAE)


The moments we'll cherish forever


Team Jatayu started 2k16 season with a lot of enthusiasm and fervor,team this year was comprised of 35 enthusiasts in comparison to 25 last year.Pankaj punia was the captain of Baja student India, Chetan Didwania headed the Baja SAE while Rishabh Aggarwal would be the International captain for the upcoming Rochester Event. This team did not fear to try new things, tried to be more innovative and did not fear taking risks. The team is incomplete without the mention of Pratham, Vaibhav kukreja, Anmol,Anurag and Navdeep who put in a lot of hours,worked day and night and were imperative for the success of the team.


Highlights of 2016:


The team performed phenomenally at the BSI 2k16 event held at Buddh International Circuit, Noida ,especially in Suspension traction event (round of applause for Pankaj,Vaibhav and Pratham). Team jatayu became the first team to clear the Technical inspection and it was the best moment for the team when we qualified for design finals , unexpected enthralling & epic moment. Finally the team ended up with 4 trophies at the event.



  • 2nd in DESIGN EVENT
  • 3rd in COST REPORT
  • BAJA SPIRIT AWARD(voted as most helpful team by fellow competitors).
  • One of the highlight of this year was that our car got opportunity to be displayed in AUTO EXPO(biggest automotive exhibition of India), which gave our team recognition and value.
  • The BAJA SAE 2016 event held in Indore once again proved that Team Jatayu holds all the capabilities to emerge as the leading motorsports team, team had a fantastic suspension traction event, completed the Endurance race and had a score of 320(First time in the history of team Jatayu).

There were a lot of firsts in this edition of Baja and I can proudly say that the team has grown leaps and bounds. Team jatayu’s name is taken along with the best Indian Baja teams now and its technical prowess is well recognized and appreciated by students of engineering college across India. In my opinion the team has a perfect platform to become the best automotive design team and I would love to see the team winning each and every event in the next edition.--Rishabh Aggarwal



2016 (BAJA Rochester)

A learning experience of a lifetime

When we registered for Baja SAE Rochester we virtually got into a gamble of a few hundred dollars as we were not sure if we would be able to go for the competition or not. We had surely designed a competitive car but were very pessimistic about it, as at that time it was still under fabrication stage and we had not yet seen it rolling. We regained our confidence after the chief design judge at BSI 2016 appreciated our vehicle and suggested us to definitely take the vehicle international. With time, we became even more confident about our vehicle but a major problem still prevailed, as to how we were going to procure funds for the same. Then began the process of raising funds for our project from every possible legitimate source and this entire process made us believe that anything and everything is possible. However, this was just the tip of the iceberg. We realised that it was important to take the entire team to US if we wanted to put up a good show. So, we started convincing our self and others to join us for the Rochester endeavour, but in the end only 7 out of our 35 teammates could make it to US.


We had to face a series of problems, from the clashing college exam dates, tie-ups with foreign universities to personal funding. Having dealt with all, finally the much awaited day arrived and we boarded a 21 hour flight to the US and headed for Rochester. Having reached our destination we were amazed, rather honoured, with the hospitality we received from Matt, his friends at The Buffalo University and his family members.


We had three days at hand to put our vehicle in place which had reached us in a disassembled state. We look back to those three days as a compressed form of life which taught all of us uncountable things. We were shivering while we were working in an open green field but we had a clear goal in mind which kept us going. Finally, the day of the competition arrived and we were all pumped up and ready after working our days off. We queued up for engine inspection round but little did we realise that the same queue was going to continue till the technical inspection round the next day. Our ranking would have severely suffered had we been in the queue, and so, the next morning we reached the venue at 4 in the morning in hope to secure a good place at the technical scrutiny round. We cleared the scrutiny round and the brake tests in one go which boosted up our confidence and after that we went on for the dynamic events. Frankly, we had never thought that we would get a chance to compete at an international platform with the smallest contingent. To sum up the entire journey in a few words, it was 5 days’ worth of 50,000 emotions and undoubtedly a learning experience of a lifetime.

2017 (BAJA SAE)

A learning experience of a lifetime

The Team participated in the much celebrated BAJA SAE India, which also happens to be the largest of its kind by the number of participating teams which amounted in number to 396 this season. The experience was enthralling as was much anticipated, and to add on to that, the team outperformed its own legacy and achieved 7th national rank! Making it that close to the pole is indeed any motor sports' team's dream come true. We also achieved First Position in the GO Green Award category which was, as the literarymeaning suggests, an award for the least polluting vehicle amongst all the ATVs which participated. The cherry on the cake was the Suspension Traction event. Only two out of all the teams could even clear the whole track! NIT Jalandhar's ultra light vehicle stood first in this event and we were second. For the aforementioned achievements, the Team also received a monetary prize money of ₹1 lac, 10 thousand. This, however, as we do realize, puts us in more pressure to outshine this year's performance and make our personal best performance in the season that follows, and the team for sure is steered in the right direction.

2017 (Mega ATV)

A learning experience of a lifetime

Team Jatayu has never been reluctant in venturing into new competitions. Advocating the same line of attack, we participated in another national event called the Mega ATV Championship this season held at Ahmednagar near Nasik. Despite being the second season of this particular event, the competition was high on adrenaline rush. Unlike all other BAJA SAE competitions, Mega ATV Championship had only dynamic events. The highlight of the event was the Night race - a two hour long Endurance-kind race, but being held in night hours. Our vehicle's lighting system unfortunately suffered a short circuit during this race, because of which our lights went off, amid which our driver and captain Pratham Chabbra had to face an uncalled-for hurdle. Undeterred by it, he gave an unsurpassed performance, which won him and the team unforeseen appreciation. This decision of ours proved rewarding to our journey and boosted our confidence. Despite numerous unpredictable obstacles we had to face at some 1400 kms away from our hometown, we ended up with four podium finishes. The trophy for the 2nd runner up was much taller than any setback we had to face during the competition! We stood First in Flat Dirt Race, Second in Drag Race, and Third in Armegeddon! Apart from four alluring trophies we also received a monetary prize money which amounted to INR 1.8 Lac! We look forward to participate in this competition annually henceforth.

Enduro Student India 2018


We received an amazing kick start when we cleared the Technical Inspection on the very first day. Our car was the 2nd lightest vehicle weighing only 136 kg. The Technical Inspection was followed up by the BRAKE TEST which we cleared easily in our ONE GO. The competition proceeded further with the static events in which we found a place in the finals of the Design event & bagged 2nd place in the Design event. We were also rewarded with a cash prize of Rs.40, 000. Then came the dynamic events, the most important of all. These included DirtX, Acceleration and Manoeuvrability and a 4-hour long Endurance race. Our team was the first to attempt any of the dynamic events. We first attempted DirtX which was a flat, uphill circuitous lap in which our time was the 9th best. We then attempted the acceleration and manoeuvrability event. We had to accelerate for the first 100ft. and then continue onto the curvy and bumpy off-road track which most of the teams could not complete. We finished FOURTH in acceleration and manoeuvrability. Then we started to prepare for the most important event, the endurance race. In the endurance, despite of few hiccups, we finished in the top 30 percentile to compete in the last one hour. We finished 8th in the endurance with the fastest lap done by our car only. The award ceremony began after 4-hours of completion of the endurance race. We bagged the award for the fastest lap. We were runners up for the design event. We were 2nd runners-up for overall dynamic events. Then came the glorious moment when we were crowned as the winners of the Enduro Student India 2018 & were given a cash prize of Rs. 1,00,000



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